Your “Positive” Stereotypes are Doing More Harm than Good

I was sitting in room B-209 when it happened, furiously erasing my work for the 3rd time as I struggled to understand why I wasn’t getting the right answer. As the SAT prep class went on, I finally saw my mistake and calculated the right answer. When our tutor asked if anyone had solved the problem, I raised my hand with pride and said, “The … Continue reading Your “Positive” Stereotypes are Doing More Harm than Good

Rising Temperatures, Rising Stakes

It’s no secret that Colorado is a landlocked state. Coloradans take pride in the mountains, rivers, plains this state offers and, as a completely valid side effect of living here, residents focus more on the mountains than the oceans located hundreds of miles away. Regardless, how far away a state is from the ocean doesn’t negate the importance of being aware of the events occurring … Continue reading Rising Temperatures, Rising Stakes

SLHS Football Road to The Playoffs

The SLHS varsity football team, as of the midseason point, has a record of 4-2 (including league and non-league games). With the non-conference games reaching an end during the 5 game midseason point, the SLHS Gators varsity team has reached an above neutral record of 3-2 with both losses coming from Green Mountain and Broomfield. The teams the Gators defeated in their non-conference games included … Continue reading SLHS Football Road to The Playoffs

Inside the Life of a Stressed Student

Being a teenager is hard. High school is meant to be the best four years of our lives, but when homework, emotions, and drama seem like constants, it can be easy to forget about all the things that make high school great. Everyone has heard about the importance of sleep and good nutrition countless times, as these are critical to both physical and mental health. … Continue reading Inside the Life of a Stressed Student

A Musical About You

“Calvin Berger” details not just the teenage experience, but the human experience This year’s Spring Musical, “Calvin Berger,” is all about you. Yes, you. Whether it’s a having a big nose or being “too damn short,” we all have little imperfections that we agonize over, wishing that we could somehow change the unchangeable. And while the musical itself is set in high school, this focus … Continue reading A Musical About You

A Concert for Jack Knight

Music is the most adaptable form of art. It can be stretched and configured in an infinite number of ways for an infinite number of reasons. When it is used to capture the existence of an amazing person, something beautiful happens. Today, music is capturing Jack Knight ‘19, and his life with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Students from the Standley Lake marching band stepped up and … Continue reading A Concert for Jack Knight

Boy’s Varsity Basketball Mid-season Update

Team Plans to Bounce Back Heading Into Second Half of Season   Gator’s basketball suffered a shocking away defeat Wednesday night to rivals Green Mountain 65-57, bringing their record for the season to 6-6, 1-2 in league. Admittedly, this hasn’t been the start to the season the Gators  wanted, but internally, they believe there’s plenty of time left to turn it around. The game on … Continue reading Boy’s Varsity Basketball Mid-season Update

A Family of Fifty-One

Over the past summer, I got 50 new family members. And now I can say that I have family in each state. My selection as the Al Neuharth Free Spirit Scholar from Colorado was truly life-changing. Before I attended the Al Neuharth Free Spirit Journalism Conference, a national journalism conference that selects a high school journalist from each state and Washington D.C., I had never … Continue reading A Family of Fifty-One